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DoD SkillBridge Program Overview


The DoD SkillBridge Program is an opportunity for Military Service Members to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships or internships during the last 180 days of service. SkillBridge connects Service Members with industries like the Nixa Fire Protection District in real-world job experiences. We are proud of our partnership with the DoD SkillBridge Program. We hope you will consider our organization for this opportunity to transition into the Missouri workforce. 


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SWRFA Program History and Purpose

We are proud of our involvement and development in the The Southwest Regional Fire Academy (SWRFA) Program. It was developed and implemented by three partnering area fire departments; Nixa Fire Protection District, Battlefield Fire Protection District, and Logan Rogersville Fire Protection District. Together we recognize the need for additional opportunities to provide the Fire Fighter I/II course which produces a high-quality education combined with real world application while maintaining a cost that is reasonable and affordable to all involved parties.


It has been designed for individuals who are employed, or seeking employment, by fire service agencies in the Southwest Missouri Region. This program will provide recruits an opportunity to gain wide variety of fire service knowledge, firefighting best practices to become certified as Firefighter in the State of Missouri, which includes Pro-Board certification in compliance with NFPA 1001.


This program has been approved by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. It addresses information and techniques currently considered to be the responsibility of a Firefighter, according to the current NFPA 1001 Standard, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications. Furthermore, much of the information and many of the techniques delivered through this program are current best practices and delivery methods in the Southwest Missouri Region.



SWRFA Missouri Workforce Development Partnership


Funding for this Pre-Apprenticeship Program is funded through the Missouri Workforce Development Department and State of Missouri Grants. The Department of Labor - Apprenticeship Program is currently being led by Springfield Fire Department and Surrounding Departments . The application and acceptance into the Pre-Apprenticeship Program does not constitute an offer of employment from the City of Springfield or Springfield Fire Department. For more information about the Program visit , to submit your interest form visit .



As a Reserve firefighter you will be assigned to serve on an unpaid schedule as additional support to aid firefighters of the Nixa Fire Protection District. Reserve firefighter duties may vary from responding to emergency calls, required basic firefighter training sessions, and community events. The schedule will require a minimum of several 8 to 12 hour shifts per month. Reserve firefighter positions offer unique opportunities to gain relevant experience and perspective toward a possible full-time firefighting position or EMT career. The Reserve firefighter will be expected to maintain and follow all training requirements and District Policy and Procedures.  To become a Reserve firefighter you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid Missouri driver's license with no suspensions, revocations, or any other significant moving violations within the last 3 years. Candidates interested in a Reserve Firefighter position must pass a Criminal Background Check and a Driver's License Check. 


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