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Chief Officers & Staff

Office of the Fire Chief

Lloyd Walles

Lloyd Walles

Fire Chief

As the leader of the management team, the primary duties of the Fire Chief include directing the work and efforts of all employees of the District; custodian of records, prepares and administers the fiscal budget; evaluates personnel performance; makes recommendations as to hiring, promoting, discipline or termination; oversees the payroll and personnel records; handles community complaints, including determining whether to refer such complaints for further investigation; prepares budgets and controls expenditures; ensures operational readiness through supervision and inspection of personnel, equipment and facilities; decides how and where to allocate personnel maintains inventory of property and supplies and directs operations of scenes, including deciding whether additional personnel or equipment is needed. The Fire Chief coordinates the efforts of the management team to keep all policies, procedures, records, and programs in line with the overall goals, objectives, and mission of the District and shall perform any other duties as prescribed.


Whitney Weaver

Assistant Chief

As a member of the management team, the primary duties of the Assistant Chief include directing the work and efforts of all employees of the District as it relates to his/her Division:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Information Technology
  • Records Management
  • Grant Management
  • Public/Media Information
  • Fire Inspector Supervision
  • Building Maintenance


Nathaniel Sanchez

Division Chief of Training

As a member of the management team, the primary duties of the Division Chief of Training include directing intentional, high-intense, and advanced training techniques to support the daily operations of emergency response and fire suppression. The Training Division oversees compliance with federal, state, and local regulations through:  

  • Methods of Fighting Fires
  • Operational Readiness
  • Incident Safety
  • Fire Mitigation
  • Specialized Rescue and Tactical Education
  • Live Burn Drills
  • Training Campus Management

Operations Division


Andrew Leach

Battalion Chief



Gary Josephsen

Battalion Chief



Josh Donham

Battalion Chief


The Operations Division is the largest and most visible part of Nixa Fire Protection District. It responds to emergency calls with personnel who are both trained firefighters and EMTs. The Department has mutual aid agreements with other surrounding fire districts and municipalities. The Operations Division includes the following areas of responsibility: The Operations Division operates the District’s 4 fire stations. Under the Battalion Chiefs, Station Officers supervise daily operations. The duties are performed by Captains, Lieutenants, and firefighters, engaged mainly in fire/emergency response activities and community public safety-related duties. Full-time personnel work 24 hours on, 48 hours off shift schedule.

New Firefighter Training & Development The purpose of this program to establish through written and practical processes, the necessary skill level required and expected of a new firefighter employed by the Nixa Fire Protection District.

In-Service Training & Officer Development ensures the members of Nixa Fire District perform their duties efficiently, effectively and safely. That Nixa Fire District provides excellent customer service to citizens of and visitors in our community. Assure the members’ families that they will return home safely to them at the completion of their tour of duty.

In order to meet the personnel needs of our growing district and to introduce the fire service as a career to segments of our community that traditionally has not been part of our candidate pool, Nixa Fire District uses programs to support our recruitment effort.

Fire Administration

Athena Fitts

Athena Comitas-Fitts

Accounting/HR Manager

The Accounting Division is responsible for all accounting: accounts payable/receivables, disbursements, payroll accounting, budget management, financial reporting, and special capital project financial management to complete the mission of the District. This division coordinates the financial functions; monitors internal controls; and oversees compliance with federal, state, and local statutes, regulations, and requirements to ensure the District's accountability and financial transparency.

The Human Resource Manager is an essential component of the administrative team and is responsible for the administration, coordination, and evaluation of various HR functions. The HR Division promotes best practices, positive employee and labor relations, provides support and guidance to administrative staff and personnel on various HR topics and functions, and provides resources as needed. This administrative position is intended to collaborate primarily with the Fire Chief, administrative staff, and Board of Directors in the facilitation, coordination, administrative, and the logistical activities of the Nixa Fire Protection District.


Elizabeth Cross


The receptionist fulfills many of the central core functions necessary for the smooth operation of the fire district. The receptionist performs routine clerical, secretarial, and administrative work in answering telephones, receiving the public, providing customer assistance, data processing, and record-keeping.

Fire Inspector

The Fire Inspector is responsible for prevention and training activities of the District. The Fire Inspector is under the general supervision of the Civilian Personnel Supervisor or in his/her absence any Chief Officer.