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  • Help your parents places smoke alarms on every floor of your home.
  • Never play with matches, lighters or candles.
  • Be very careful around fireplaces, heaters and electrical appliances.
  • If you find matches or lighters, tell a grownup.
  • Always ask an adult to help you cook.
  • Know two ways out of every room.
  • Help to plan and practice a family escape plan.
  • Post emergency numbers near the phone.


  • Don’t hide in closets or under the bed.
  • Stay low and go—even if that means crawling out.
  • Don’t be afraid of firefighters.
  • Once you’re outside, don’t go back in.
  • Meet your family in the place where you planned.


Fires can be loud, burn very fast, and smoke can make a room very dark. That’s why good escape plans help you get out quickly. Here’s how to help your family with an escape plan:

  1. Try to find at least two ways out from every room in your home.
  2. Every way needs to be planned and practiced with grownups.
  3. Remember to stay low and go.
  4. Before opening a door in a fire, feel it first. If it’s hot, there may be fire on the other side. Do not open the door. Try to get out another way.
  5. Pick an easy-to-remember, safe place outside to meet your family after you get out.
  6. Call 9-1-1 or the emergency number from a neighbor’s place.
  7. Stay outside no matter what. Don’t go back in for anything!

Some material used in this page were designed and written by: Federal Emergency Management Agency, United States Fire Administration.

For more fire safety, fun and to learn about firefighters visit the United States Fire Administration website.

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