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To help the community be aware of the regulations in the district, this site contains links to various documents covering the Nixa Fire Code Ordinance and related safety issues. Click on a link below to download a form.

Residential Self-Inspection

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Burn Permits (Fillable PDF) Print or email

Facts on Open Burning Under Missouri Regulations, Fact Sheet-PUB2047

Current Adopted Fire Code

Fire Code

The Nixa Fire Protection District encompasses the City of Nixa and surrounding area of 53 squares miles. In cooperation with the City of Nixa and the Christian County Government the 2012 International Fire Code with appendices is the adopted fire code of the District. If you live in Christian County inside the Nixa Fire Protection District than you fall under the fire code.


Can emergency services find your house? When the fire department responds to a given location, it may be delayed in arriving if the address is not clearly seen from the street. Although it’s fairly easy to spot a column of smoke from a house fire, it’s difficult to see someone’s heart attack from the street. In a medical emergency, firefighters may waste critical time having to knock on several doors to try and find a correct address. Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street.

  • Address numbers should be at least thee inches in height, contrast with the background, and be visible from the street. 
  • Brass numbers should be avoided, they are difficult to distinguish even in daylight.
  • Use only numbers, not the written form of addressing.
  • If your home and/or the address is not visible from the street, place your address in a visible place by the access drive to your home. (a post works very well).
  • Painting your address on the driveway can be very helpful , but remember it fades over time and will need to be touched up.


Make sure fire hydrants have a three foot area clear of debris and obstructions. Firefighters may need to get to the hydrant for water supply. An obstruction of fencing, tree branches, bushes, weeds or brush may cause a delay as firefighters try to get water to extinguish a fire. Someone may be injured or killed because water is not available as soon as possible.

  • Rings placed on fire hydrants indicate to firefighters how much water the fire hydrant will flow. Please do not remove the rings.
  • Hydrants should not be painted dark colors. The hydrant may not be visible at night.
  • Hydrants should only be painted red.
  • Don’t block a fire hydrant by parking a vehicle next to it.

Fire Lanes

Fire lanes are regulated by the 2012 International Fire Code and adopted amendments. They are designed to provide direct access for emergency activities and emergency vehicles. Most frequently, they are used for fire apparatus during medical emergencies. When fire lanes are blocked by vehicles, a delay in receiving emergency assistance may occur. In a fire or medical emergency, seconds count. Proper signage is very important to enforce no parking in the fire lane. The police department will cite vehicles illegally parked and may assist apartment managers with enforcement. Contact the Nixa Fire Protection District for information on signage wording and placement.

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