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Radio Frequency List




Tx:158.925 Rx:154.340 Fire Main 173.8
Tx./Rx. 154.340 Fire Talk Around 173.8
Tx./Rx. 153.890 Fire Ground Ops 1 173.8
Tx./Rx. 151.625 Fire Ground Ops 2 173.8
Tx:151.295 Rx:155.835 Nixa Police Dept 192.8
Tx./Rx. 155.565 CCSD 151.4
Tx./Rx. 155.730 All Sheriff CSQ
Tx./Rx. 155.475 Law Mutual Aid CSQ
Tx./Rx. 154.280 Fire Mutual Aid CSQ
Tx./Rx. 155.205 Cox Christian County 123.0
Tx:153.785 Rx:154.370 Ozark Fire 167.9
Tx./Rx. 154.250 Billings Fire CSQ
Tx:159.390 Rx:151.460 Clever/Highlandville Fire 110.9
Tx./Rx. 154.400 Greene County Fire CSQ
Tx./Rx. 162.400 NOAA Weather CSQ
Tx./Rx. 154.265 State Wide Mutual Aid CSQ
Tx./Rx. 154.295 State Wide Mutual Aid CSQ
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