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Burn Permits

Open Burning

Open burning within the Nixa Fire District requires cooperation from the permittee, the fire district, and the City of Nixa. The Department of Natural Resources regulates open burning in the State of Missouri.

Burning is not allowed within the city limits of Nixa.

If Outside of the Nixa City Limits, following these simple tips can help in obtaining a burn permit:

  • Land Clearing burns will take place at least 200 yards from all neighboring occupied structures.
  • You must receive permission from the Nixa Fire District each day of burning.
  • No burning will take place before 7:00 am
  • All burning will be completely out at 5:00 pm
  • The burn permit does not relieve the permittee of the obligation to comply with all laws and regulations.
  • The permit may be revoked if the requirements of the permit are not met.
  • If you are a developer clearing land inside the City’s Limits, the City of Nixa, and the Nixa Fire District must be contacted before any burning may take place.
  • If you are a developer outside the city limits of Nixa, contact the Nixa Fire District for obtaining a burn permit.
  • It is recommended that residents within the City of Nixa take their waste to the Nixa Recycling Center for disposal.
  • If you are a citizen with questions on burning waste inside or outside the city limits of Nixa, please contact the Nixa Fire District for information.

Vegetative Waste Burn Permit

  • All burning shall be supervised at all times.
  • A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher or other approved method shall be available for immediate extinguishing.
  • Burning will take place at least 50 feet from any structure without proper measure to prevent fire spread.
  • a. Bonfires shall not be conducted within 50 feet of a structure or combustible material unless contained in an approved container.
  • b. Recreational fire shall not be conducted within  25 feet of a structure or combustible material. Pile must be 3’ or less in diameter and 2’ or less in height.
  • Permit holder is obligated to comply with local, county, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Items Prohibited from Open Burning

The following items are prohibited from open burning:

  • Any waste generated by a business, trade or industry, or any demolition operation
  • Any asbestos-containing materials
  • Any petroleum based materials including but not limited to, tires, asphalt roofing material, carpet, and used oils;
  • Wood that has not been chemically preserved, painted, stained, or composited. Untreated wood does not include plywood, particleboard, chipboard, and wood with other than minimal quantities of paint, coating, or finish.
  • Household waste on or from properties with five (5) or more residential units, such as mobile home parks or multi-family dwellings;

The Nixa Fire Protection District does issue and require a burn permit for any open burning outside the city limits of Nixa. there is no cost for the permit.  A 24 hour notice is required.

An Application for Permit to Open Burning Vegetative Waste can filled out here: Burn Permit Form

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